Stud Books

This Section explains the technical details of the Stud Books


The Stud Books are a off chain sorted record of valid listings. The Stud Books are created by aggregating on chain data in an off chain database that can validate and organize the listings. This information is made available over API so the Stud Farm DAPP can retrieve the lowest priced Listing ID for a Base Animal Species.

Active Listings

Listings must meet a set of requirements to become Active and be added to the Stud Books. Active Listings require that
  • The Base Animal must reside in the original wallet that listed
  • The Studding Protocol has Approval to transfer the Base Animal
  • The Listing Status is Open
  • There is no active Breed Cool Down Timer on the Base Animal
  • The Base Animal's Meta Data is available (Provided by CryptoZoo's API)
  • The Base Animal is not listed on the CryptoZoo Marketplace
  • The Base Animal has <6 Breeds (Breeding will not result in Animal Burn) Learn more
Listings that do not meet the requirements will be removed from the Stud Books.
Base Animals in Breed Cool Down will be added back to the Stud Books once they are ready to breed again. If a Base Animal is listed multiple times and a listing is purchased all other listings will return to the books after Breed Cool Down.
If you no longer want to list a Base Animal it is important that you Close the Listing even if the listing is inactive. Inactive listings may become Active Listing at anytime if requirements become true.
Base Animals that are sold or transferred with an Active Listing will become inactive and removed from the Stud Books. Note that Base Animals that are not delisted before transfer will become an Active Listing if that Base Animal returns to the original listing wallet address.

Stud Books

The Stud Books are an organizational system for Active Listings. The Stud Books are sorted based on 4 criteria.
  • Grouped by Base Animal Species
  • Sorted in ascending order by List Price in $ZOO (lowest first)
  • Sorted in ascending order by Listing Date (oldest first)
  • Sorted in ascending order by Transaction Index (lowest first)

Market Price

The Market Price for each Base Animal Species is set by the lowest List Price in the Stud Books. Similarly to an Order Book on a traditional exchange as Base Animals are removed the next lowest listing becomes the new Market Price. The Market Price is the price shown to the Breeder when selecting Base Animals.