CryptoZoo's Economic Value

This section explores what gives the Assets in the CryptoZoo ecosystem value.

CryptoZoo Asset Value

CryptoZoo has a complex economy with lots of assets and markets that are interdependent on each other. The CryptoZoo asset flow looks like this with the arrows representing the mechanisms of Hatching, Breeding, Yielding, and Burning
Base Eggs -> Base Animals -> Hybrid Eggs -> Hybrid Animals -> $ZOO

Base and Hybrid Egg Value

The value of Base/Hybrid Eggs is determined by the Base/Hybrid Animals that they can hatch. Each possible hatched Animal has a different probability and a different market value. The ideal Market Value of an Egg can be calculated by adding the Market Value of hatchable animals weighted by there probability.

Base and Hybrid Animal Value

Animals have up to 3 utilities that give them value. Determining the value of Animals is not straight forward due to the animals complex mechanics.

Yield Rate

Yield Rate is how much $ZOO an animal yields per day. It is almost impossible to put an exact value on this because the animal could Yield indefinitely.
However, higher Yield Rates are worth more then lower Yield Rates

Accrued Yield

Accrued Yield is the total amount of $ZOO that is "inside" an animal. This is calculated by the number of days since the animal has been hatched multiplied by the Yield Rate.
Animals have a burn mechanic that allows the owner to claim accrued yield at anytime at the cost of losing all future yield.
This gives Animals a minimum inherent value of there total Accrued Yield.

Breeds (Base Animal only)

Base Animal Breeds value comes from there ability to produce Hybrid Eggs. Determining the value of Base Animal Breeds without a liquid breed market is difficult because a Base Animal's breeds are only worth as much as the animals it has the opportunity to breed with. Check out Breeding Opportunity Cost to learn more about this.