CryptoZoo Stud Farm

A trustless platform for Zookeepers to buy and sell Base Animal Breeds for $ZOO.


Get the Hybrids you want not the Hybrids you can!
The CryptoZoo Stud Farm is a smart contract and interface DAPP where Zookeepers can list and sell their Base Animal Breeds to other Zookeepers for $ZOO.
This opens many new economic opportunities and lowers the resources required to create a diversified Zoo of Hybrid Animals.

Our Mission

The Stud Farm's mission is to give Zookeepers more tools to realize the economic value of their Base Animals, diversify their Hybrid Animal collections, and help foster a thriving economy around the CryptoZoo ecosystem.

Community Built

The Stud Farm was built by Zookeepers for Zookeepers. For any Crypto project to grow it takes a community of people contributing to its ecosystem. We encourage the whole community to share their skills to grow the CryptoZoo project.

Open Source

We believe in transparent and open source code. The Stud Farm project can be viewed on Github (Coming Soon) and our contracts are verified on BSCScan (Coming Soon) and EtherScan (Coming Soon). If you would like to contribute to the project check out our Contributions page.